Micro Feature Filmmaking Guide

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Get the interactive eGuide on how to make a feature film for from inception through marketing and distribution. Only $5! For less then the Price of a frozen lasagna you can help keep us cooking! While you go make a movie! 

DIT Filmmaking Lessons:

IL INTRO TNIL Inception TNIL Writing TNIL Scheduling TNIL Budgeting TNIL Story Pitch TNIL Pitching TNIL Business TNIL intro ECCIL EquipmentIL CrewingIL Casting TNIL Location TNDirector PrepIL DP and 1st AD Prep TNIL Rehearsals TNintroduction to productioOrder of OperatiomsPost EditingColor CorectionPost Sound DesignMAsteringMarketing and DistMArketingDistribution


Need Shorter Segments? Check out Slices of Lasagna: 77 Film Tips To Make Your Movie!!! 

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