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What youll need 

            Obviously at the very least you are going to need a camera a microphone and some lighting. Today you carry everything you need to make a movie in your pocket! Good news though check out: Film in 2K, on your iPhone! – UltraKam Review and How to Make a Film on an iPhone – WOMP

However, we are trying to make a professional looking film, so unless you have no other option. For best results try getting your hands on a 2K capable digital camera or at the very least a DSLR check out DSLRguide on YouTube. Also, read the article: Why should I shoot cinema raw and which camera should I get? for more information. The bottom line is that camera’s are constantly evolving and there is always a new one, so go with what is currently trending in your price range, or that someone already has. Instead focus on lenses if you want to make an investment. Watch Understanding Camera Lenses for a great breakdown on lens types.

Get a Zoom recorder for audio recording with a decent microphone and you should be good to go for simple location sound. You now also have the option of recording on an ipad with Rode Record. If you can defiantly get a few lavalieres to place on your actors during shots where a boom mike may be out of the question.

As for lighting you can get creative at home depot with work lights and LED panels. Use practical lighting when possible and don’t forget the sun is the best free light bulb ever made. Make bounce boards out of poster boards; See DIY: Make Your Own Basic Lighting Kit at Home or Ryan’s Light Kit: Low Budget Lighting Tips For Your Videos & Films! For a more professional kit.

Skateboards and grocery carts are great dolly’s, you can make shoulder rigs and sliders out of PVC piping, apple boxes out of scrap wood, etc. Again, think outside the box!

Check out more @ Film Riot, GurillaTV and Indy Mogul on YouTube as well as No-Budget Filmmaking Gear – The DIY Filmmaker for some great equipment tricks and special effects secrets.

800 watt video light $86      DIY light $43     Lightstand for $10

Shoulder Rig $25      SteadyCam $15     Camera Crane $30

DIY Camera Slider $10       DIY Boom Pole $25

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