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You scratch my back Ill scratch yours

          When choosing anyone to work on your film make sure to pick qualified people who you know have a good work ethic and are capable of performing their task in a dedicated and professional manner. I.e. don’t make your cousin your cinematographer, just because he is your cousin and he has a camera. Unless he really is the right choice, just borrow the camera!


Obviously resources and skilled like-minded individuals will vary based on the town in which you live. But, in today’s day and age it is possible to get a film made almost anywhere. Check out sharegrid.com an independent social media camera and equipment rental site that also functions as a networking platform.

Who and what you know!

Begin by making lists of all the people and resources you have at your current disposal, begin networking and expand from there.   Start with your friends, colleagues, classmates, professors, bosses; generally any acquaintance that may be qualified, interested, or know someone who is.

Make a list of resources such as collages, local television or public access stations, local theaters and performing art groups. These are things almost every town has, contact them, a lot of the people who work or volunteer at these places carry the same aspirations as you, help them, help you, help them.

Who and what you dont know yet:

Take advantage of the Internet and social media sites. Place adds on Craigslist, ask around Facebook, Linkin, etc. create a group or event and search for local pages related to film, acting, theatre, or any entertainment art and post a pitch there. There are plenty of hungry people out there just waiting for someone to come along with a good idea who can also show them a way to make their dreams come true.

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