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Most new filmmakers underestimate the importance of this step in the post-production process. Matching and making the color a cohesive character in your film is a very important thread that ties your film together. Most editing software comes with its own built in color correcting plug-ins so take some time to learn about how your individual software functions, but the basic concepts are all the same.

Also check out: Denver Riddle’s You tube Page for Final Cut X Or Premiere Pro Tutorials – COLOR CORRECTING and COLOR GRADING – Part 1 and Part 2


Crisp and clear

            Weather or not color plays a major role in the tone and feel of your film you still need to make sure that it is all corrected and looks as good as possible. That means working the color balance of your footage to ensure that your blacks are true black, your whites are really white and your colors are as vibrant as they should be. This can be a bit complicated so take your time if you are new to this, trial and error is your friend.

            Check out: Film Tutorials: Color Correction and Widescreen

as well as: hurlbutvisuals -tips for hd color correction and dslr color correction for some detailed tutorials and tips on color correcting. 


Making it pop!

Color Grading is the process of making color decisions that match the feeling and emotional contexts of the scenes.   So much can be done in the coloring process to really make every scene in your film come to life.

               A good simple and direct resource on color correction and grading can be found here: How to Achieve Cinematic Color Grading For Your Films! @ happyfoxproductions

and a long detailed tutorial at: Tutorial Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Episode 17 – Color Correction within Premiere

As well as Tutorial Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Episode 18 – Secondary Color Correction in Premiere

One more in-between:

FRES | Post Sound and Color Grading @ Film Riot

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