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Everyone has an opinion!

Now that you have a first draft it’s time to get some feedback. Let a few trusted friends whose advice you respect give it a read. Ask them to take notes as they read. Anything that strikes their minds could be useful – or not. That’s up to you.   Write up a specific list of question that you may have about the script for them to answer when they are finished. Such as:

  1. Did you find any part of the plot Confusing?
  2. Were the characters well rounded?
  3. Were you satisfied with the ending?
  4. ETC…

Every script will of course require its own specific set question depending of the type of film you are writing.

Remember praise is not critique. There is no feedback in pure praise. You will learn a lot more from the negative things people have to tell you then the positive things.   Stay away from yes men. Your adoring mother who love’s everything you do is probably not the best critic you could get. The people who say it’s wonderful because: A: They love you, or B: They don’t know better, or C: They think they might hurt your feelings; are just not good options. Let your readers know you need to hear the worst. This will at the very least force you to think about Let your readers know you need to hear the worst. This will at the very least force you to think about the issues your script may have. You think you have written the next quintessential American film, but stay open-minded and don’t neglect any opinion without seriously considering the point your reader is conveying. Take it all with a grain of salt, then make you own, now more informed decisions on what should be changed or not.

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