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Itll never be perfect! Make it good!


Rewrite! Rewrite! Rewrite! This should not be a scary process but an exciting one. You have finished the script. You have a ton of words on around 100 pages. You think it’s perfect!… maybe it is? But you’ve had it critiqued and it’s probably not, so, now it’s time to go back through the whole thing and make it better. Don’t be afraid to “kill your babies” No not actual babies! The lines and the scenes that you for some reason or another you have gotten attached and are coddling, but there’s something about them that just doesn’t feel right… trust me once you hit delete and rewrite, the pain will subside… and your script will be better for it.

Restructure scenes if you must; move scenes around if it makes the story flow better, add new scenes or try different locations, tighten dialogue… remember it’s all just a process. Think of it like molding clay. You’ve made your masterpiece into the shape you desire; now you must smooth out the edges and put the finishing touches on it.

On the flip side, don’t obsess for years over a script. Know that whatever you create will never truly be finished in your mind if you constantly think about changing it and the what ifs etc… at some point you have to let go and remember you can always change a line or two on set, its ok.

Check out: “Taking the Script to the Next Level: The Rewrite Process Begins” with Quinton Peeples

A great simple walk through on screenwriting can also be found via puppet @ BitterScriptReader

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