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Independent Lasagna Productions specializes in high quality media content, from film and video production, to web and graphic design, commercials, wedding documentaries, web series and feature films. We strive to make high quality financially feasible content for our clients and ourselves.

Independent Lasagna is a Multi Layered Entity! Unified Around Our Do It Together Creative Collective; we strive to unite creatives and business of all types together for the common good!

Here at il productions, we create original online content and localized media/vodeo services through our Affiliate Producers Program around the country – a crew comprised of our Freelance Members Network of local-specific talent.  We create high-end media (Viralesque Commercials, Websites, Graphics) for marketing of small business, and cover any event on any budget, from Weddings to Launch Parties!  All while creating crew positions/jobs and boosting local economies .

Small Business’s can’t afford to pay the high prices of normal production services, and weddings and events are expensive enough as it is. We believe that by making fun viralesque commercials for companies where they can name their budget allows them to have high quality content and become a bigger part of the online social community through potential virility for their company’s content.

It our mission to bring jobs to those with the talent and technical “know how” to create content and media of all forms; to market acquisitions and work availability to every city and its creative inhabitants. We do this in order to help people peruse their dreams, and in doing so help others in perusing their own…

Let’s do it together!

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