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Information on our Future Feature Film Project: Strike the Musical, an Appalachian Comedy:

My name is Reyshan Parker, and I am a Micro-Budget Filmmaker, and the owner of Independent Lasagna Productions.  I spent most of my life in Rural South East Ohio, a highly impovrished area at the begining of the Appalachian Mountans.  Strike, is a passion project I wrote back in 2007 during my undergrad, originally as a play, it won a bunch of awards, but I felt that film was my passion and I headed to Grad school for Film.
Since then, I have written produced and directed a dozen short films, a feature film, and several web series, including a video tutorial on how to make feature films for under $10 thousand dollars.
This year will mark Strike’s tenth aniversery and I felt it was time to return to my roots.

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