The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards



Winner: Odie. Based on the Odyssey, by Homer

Directed by Reyshan Parker

Festival Director says:

Teetering on being a kind of experimental Jean-Luc Godard would concoct – one of his ‘re-imagining of old literature’ films, and an Araki ‘Kaboom’/’Nowhere’ styled Americana, ‘Odie, Based on the Odyssey, by Homer’ is a fascinating, and fairly original take on the Greek classic. Here, stoners and youths run amok on college property, and often encounter, or retell, bizarre incidents of/on their voyages.

The highlights of the film though do not lay in the script, or even the characters for that matter, as they are all fairly cookie-cut archetypes (which isn’t such a bad thi...

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DIY Film Tips #22 – Limited Liability Company for Your Film – My Movie LLC – SLices of Lasagna



“I’m a real boy!”

Form a Limited Liability Corporation. This is actually something that you have to deal with if there is actual money involved. So, I thought I should get the un-pleasantries out of the way now.

Check out Or, but make sure you get the larger package’s that include all your government forms and ID numbers.

Weather or not you end up selling your film, or releasing it digitally on demand in one form or another, if the film is about to make money, that means you and all of your partners are as well. Therefore, taxes are involved. It is in the best interest of everyone involved to become a partner in a limited liability corporation.   Then, let the “company” pay out it’s “employees”...

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DIY Film Tips # 21 – 3 Best Options for Financing Your Film! – Slices of Lasagna



The not fun stuff!

            First and foremost filmmaking is unfortunately a business and therefor should be approached as such. This is a conundrum for the artist within in us but is a duality that must be understood from a producers standpoint.   An artist creativity combined with a great business savvy is a recipe for success, so learn to combine the notions in all aspects of your creative process and the path to greatness becomes a bit more visible.   So bite the bullet artists, start crunching some numbers, and get your movie made!

 Financing the Film (the Lasagna)

Money dont get everything its true, but what it does get I can use…”

            Now that you have budgeted and know how much money you will need...

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DIY Film Tips #20 – Pitching Your Film Pitch! – Slices of Lasagna


Pitching the Pitch

Hit me!

Now that you have the ins and outs of your project down and have structured them accordingly in your mind, its time to practice it to the point that it becomes second nature to you.

Once you’re ready, it’s time to get out there and start actually talking to your prospective comrades. Every pitch will go slightly different based on who you are talking to. Some people might be more interested in how you are going about making the movie then the actual story. Others will be more interested in the movie itself… just go with the flow, allow it to be natural and make sure you structure your conversation’s around what makes them excited.

Remember you are passionate about your project; make sure you let that show; it can be contagious...

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DIY Film Tips #19 – What is Your Production Pitch? – Slices of Lasagna


The Project Pitch

This is going to be awesome!

            Now that you have your tools for the story, you are going to need to pitch for the production itself and how you plan on executing it. You have scheduled the film, budgeted it out to the Penny, hopefully for pennies; you have made your contact excited and passionate about the idea for the film, and now you must talk them into helping you make it. This is the more complicated part, and the reason you have been reading this guide in the first place! So here it is.

Independent Lasagna Mission Statement:

To make high quality feature films in a collaborative fashion for a “No-low Budget film” where all parties involved are equity partners in the film and to sell/distribute those films for no less then $50,000 to$100,0...

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DIY Film Tips #18 – Tools For Pitching Your Film: Log line, Tag line, Synopsis! – SLices of Lasagna


The Story Pitch

Lend me your ears!

First things first you are going to need some tools at your disposal: a TAG LINE n LOG LINE, a HOOK, and a SHORT SYNOPSIS

The tag line is going to be your one liner, the thing that gets peoples attention quick and says everything about the film without really saying much!



Three Perspectives…. One Reality!!!

Harold Crick isn’t ready to go. Period.


The log line is going to be a longer paragraph form where you track the protagonist through the basic structure and important aspects of the film. Basically what the movie is about.



A detective murder mystery from three different perspectives that follows three characters lives in overlapping chapters, wherein; their lives become intertwined in a web of intrigue, murder...

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DIY Film Tips #17 – Intro to Pitching Your Film Script! – Slices of Lasagna


            Now that your blue print (the script) for the movie is completed it’s time to prepare yourself for letting people know what your project is all about. Before anyone is ever going to read your script you need to convince him or her that they need to. That this moment in time is crucial to the each of you and that together you can make it happen!   Your pitch is going to be by far the most useful tool in getting your film made, well that and your passion, determination and charm…. It is the first notion someone you are hoping to work with is going to have of your idea.

            Another simple breakdown of pitching can be found at: – pitching

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DIY Film Tips #16- Breaking Down Your 10K Film Budget! – Slices Of Lasagna


Movie Magic Budgeting and SchedulingI have outlined what I think is an appropriate budget for your line producer to work within:


  1. Food – $1000

Independent Lasagna is so named because this is essentially the on-set pay everyone will receive during production.   This can be quite simple if you can get someone who is willing to cook at their house and bring the meals to set.

Unless you can get donations lets just forget about pizza all together shall we. Don’t get me wrong we all love pizza, but it can get old after a while and it’s actually costly. Sam’s club is your friend, get a Sam’s club card, you can get a business account if you simply have a business card with your name on it!

Keep craft services to the essentials...

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DIY Film Tips #15 – Budgeting Your Feature Film for 10K! – Slices of Lasagna



The Lasagna

            So no matter how hard we try there is no way around having to spend some money on a film. It’s an unfortunate fact, but what we can control is how much money you will spend on a film. The less you spend the more everyone makes. So, here’s what I propose. I believe that done properly, you can pull off this feet for around $5000-$10,000. I am going to break it down for you with the aim of $5,000!

You can use excel if you want, here’s a downloadable or I recommend one of the budgeting programs affiliated with your screenwriting software.

Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling

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DIY Film Tips #14 – Scheduling Parameters for Your Film! – Slices of Lasagna


Scheduling Parameters

If not this then that!

            Once you export the tagged elements of your script open it up into your scheduling program. You will need to arrange your days according to specific factors of importance. This will be a rough draft really as you will have your line producer refine it later.

  1. Locations:

Ideally you want to shoot out a location. Meaning, that you want to shoot all the scenes for a single location in a row, so that you can wrap that location and move onto the next.

  1. Cast Members:

It is important to make the most out of your actors time, keep it to as few days as possible preferably in a row, with as few holding days (days off) as possible.

  1. Day/Night Shooting:

This is very important when it comes to your turn around ti...

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