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Film Festivals: “Schmooze and Booze”

Film Festivals

Schmooze and Booze 

A major portion of gaining awareness about your film is running it through the film festival circuit. Consider this a form of direct marketing where you will be able to get actual audiences to experience your film the way it should be experienced. In a theatre!

You may not get into every festival you enter, but make sure to cast a wide net in order to leverage this cheap marketing ploy. As I said earlier it would behoove you to research specific festivals that are most appropriate to your specific film. This will increase your odds in gaining acceptance and an audience for your film. It is possible but statistically unlikely that your film will be “picked up” by a studios, but if it is, good for you! If not you have at least gained exposure and some valuable press material that will be exceptionally useful in all other areas of you marketing campaign.

Creating a without a box profile for your film will make multiple festival submissions a breeze.

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