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Pitching the Pitch

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Now that you have the ins and outs of your project down and have structured them accordingly in your mind, its time to practice it to the point that it becomes second nature to you.

Once you’re ready, it’s time to get out there and start actually talking to your prospective comrades. Every pitch will go slightly different based on who you are talking to. Some people might be more interested in how you are going about making the movie then the actual story. Others will be more interested in the movie itself… just go with the flow, allow it to be natural and make sure you structure your conversation’s around what makes them excited.

Remember you are passionate about your project; make sure you let that show; it can be contagious. The more passionate you are, the more excited people will get when you talk about it.

Once you have them hooked, it’s time to get some initial commitment. Offer to send them a script. If they are willing to read the script, and actually do, then you have succeeded in sparking some serious interest in your project.

If you don’t hear anything in a week or so, follow up to see if they have had a chance to read the script, and give them an update on how the project is coming along. This way they know you are serious about wanting them on board and they see that you are motivated in making it happen.

If they haven’t read the script yet, simply repeat the above…

If they have read the script get feedback from them, and assess their level of interest. Assuming they want to jump on board, move onto the second stage of commitment and get a verbal yes and begin discussing what their equity share will be, you again will need to sell them on this aspect. (More details about breaking down equity under the business section.)

Once you have come to an agreement move on to the third stage of commitment and sign a contract. (More about contracts under contracts)

When you have successfully pitched an investor/crew/cast member for your film you have taken the first steps towards making your film a reality.

Check out great inspirational articles at and How to pitch a screenplay with Allen Ury.

As well as Nehststudios.

Now get out there and start pitching!

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