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The Project Pitch

This is going to be awesome!

            Now that you have your tools for the story, you are going to need to pitch for the production itself and how you plan on executing it. You have scheduled the film, budgeted it out to the Penny, hopefully for pennies; you have made your contact excited and passionate about the idea for the film, and now you must talk them into helping you make it. This is the more complicated part, and the reason you have been reading this guide in the first place! So here it is.

Independent Lasagna Mission Statement:

To make high quality feature films in a collaborative fashion for a “No-low Budget film” where all parties involved are equity partners in the film and to sell/distribute those films for no less then $50,000 to$100,000 dollars apiece.

I will get into more details concerning the equity breakdown in the business sections but basically, time is money, if you have simple and straight forward script with a super short shooting schedule, you can get group of passionate people together who are willing to dedicate their time to a project because A – they love film and making movies and B – they want to be a part of a feature film that could potentially make them a few bucks in the future while building their careers and resumes. You don’t want to sell them on these aspects but impassion their passion for greatness! Get them as excited as you are about the prospects of the project and the future. You simply want to make a movie for basically the cost of food!

First things first, acquire your producers; once you have a producing team in place it is best to start crewing your post-production crew first. Just like Financiers want a completion bond – your work for equity crew will need some assurance that the film will be completed. And if you already have an editor and sound designer in place it will definitely help sell them on the project.

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